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Lemon Dessert

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• 250 ml cream

• 250 ml of condensed milk

• 4 Units of Big Lemon

• 200 grams of crushed sweet biscuits

• 12 units of small vessels


Steps to prepare dessert lemon:

1. In a bowl, beating the cream with condensed milk until well blended.

2. . Adding lemon juice without stopping to beat since you can cut the preparation, we will notice that the mixture thickens slightly.

3. In small vessels ,we will add a teaspoon of crushed cookies and accommodate it well.

4. On these add lemon mixture halfway small vessel.

5. Finally add another teaspoon of cookies and lemon cream. Sprinkle a little lemon zest and cooled lemon desserts least three hours to have a firm consistency. If you enjoyed this recipe, you have any comments or concerns, give us your opinion.

Now, Enjoy it!

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